Best Smartwatch Under 2000

Looking for the best smartwatch in India under 2000? Wearable technology especially smartwatches have seen a considerable growth in the recent times, all thank to the tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Fitbit for bringing this technology in India. Smartwatches are trending nowadays but we also know that smartwatches are way too expensive. Many people think of buying smartwatches and fitness bands as they not only look attractive and elegant but also keeps a track of your daily fitness. When it’s too difficult to access your mobile phone then these smartwatches keep you informed and alert. If you are an entry level smartwatch buyer and do not wish to spend a lot then this list of the best smartwatch under 2000 will let you choose the best one within your range. The best smart watch under 2000 have a fairly good build, smart features and are capable of keeping track of your fitness too. The best smartwatch under 2000 are certainly a good alternative to regular digital watches. Here is a list of the best smart watch under 2000 for you to checkout.

1. Noise Turbo Black Smartwatch

This elegantly designed smartwatch offers a plethora of functionalities at a budget price. This one of the best smartwatch under 2000 is capable of acting as smartphone on your wrist enabling you to make and take calls and send messages. The smartwatch also acts as a fitness tracker and keeps a track of your daily workout.

2. Captcha Y1

The second best smart watch under 2000 is the Captcha Y1. Loaded with multiple features the smartwatch allows you to make and receive calls by inserting a SIM card, the user can also sync his mobile phone to the smartwatch through bluetooth. Once the smartwatch has been connected to the phone the user can easily get access to all the notifications from WhatsApp and Facebook.

3. Bingo T50

Next in line is the Bingo T50, yet another beautifully crafted best smartwatch in India under 2000. The stainless steel dial is rust proof and corrosion resistant. The 2.8 inch display is with 240 x 240 resolution gives enough clarity. The rubber strap with textured look adds on to the beauty of this smartwatch under 2000. The smartwatch is compatible with Android as well as iOS. The smartwatch packs a solid 380mAh battery that can last for 180 hours at standby. This is one of the best smartwatch under 2000 in terms of battery life.

4. Celestech WS02

This Celestech WS02 smartwatch offers a decent built and great design under the price range of 2000. The square shaped stainless steel dial along with a rubber strap provides rigidity along with elegance. The 2MP camera on the watch is what sets this smartwatch a class apart from the other products in this segment. The watch comes with two modes the company mode that lets you connect the smartwatch via bluetooth and the network mode that lets the user use the watch as a phone.

5. Easypro Bluetooth Smartwatch with Fitness Tracker

EasyPro Smartwatch has all the main features like the user can Call, Message, Whats app, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and browse the Internet using his watch. But what gives this smartwatch a leading edge is that the watch can be used as a fitness tracker like pedometer, calorie counter, sleep monitor and much more. Packed in a square dial this is amongst the best smart watch under 2000.

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